Seasons (SA)

SA, piano, opt. flute
Lyrics: Tony Silvestri
Language: English
Duration: 3:00

Seasons is a new two-part version of the original SSA work, with lyrics written by frequent collaborator Charles Anthony Silvestri. I was searching for a text that was timeless and could be performed any time of year, and Tony then created this beautiful poem about the unfoldment of each of the four seasons.

Bright the sun in bluest shining;
Summer spreads in valleys greenly.
Lovers sing their new-found pining;
Time itself slows down to greet me.

Autumn air comes crisp and blowing
Leaves from green to golden turning;
Hearts all full, and eyes all glowing
Gather round the hearth-fire burning.

Night grows longer, darkness deeper,
Cold winds howl when comes the Winter;
White of snow by moonlight tempered,
Bearing hope for Spring to enter.

Flowers bloom with showers falling,
All the world reveals its yearning;
Nature sings–I hear her calling:
Round and round the seasons turning.