The Road

SATB, piano, harp, string orchestra
Lyrics: C.A. Silvestri
Language: English
Duration: 16:30

Text available here.


Commissioned by Keith & Sue Ferguson for Kantorei Denver, The Road is a heartfelt tribute to one of Norway’s most stunning stretches of road. We set out from below Hallingskarvet, the regal mountain near my family’s hometown of Geilo, continuing over the Hardangervidda mountain plateau (also the inspiration behind another piece of mine called Tundra).

From there we travel steeply downward, all the way to the beautiful Hardangerfjorden, before ending the journey by walking upwards again from Kinsarvik, passing by the mighty waterfalls of Husedalen.

The premiere recording of The Road is featured on my Dreamweaver album (Decca Classics, 2023), performed with the Choir of Royal Holloway, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & and Rupert Gough. Dreamweaver is available on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon Music.

Recommended string ensemble: 24 (8 Violin I, 6 Violin II, 4 Viola, 4 Cello, 2 Bass)

Recommended minimum: 12 (4 Violin I, 3 Violin II, 2 Viola, 2 Cello, 1 Bass)