Lux Beata Trinitas

SATB, oboe, piano, optional string quartet
Lyrics: Anon.
Language: Latin
Duration: 3:45
Publisher: Walton Music

Lux Beata Trinitas and Iam Sol Recedit were written as a pair starting with Lux Beata Trinitas, but can equally be performed as independent works. Along with the musical flow between the two and the instrumentation, the pieces are connected through their texts. While often attributed to St. Ambrose of Milan, the Lux Beata Trinitas text is now believed to be the work of an unknown author, and the words of Iam Sol Recedit were later derived from it.

With these two works, I wanted to write something hopeful and peaceful, and to incorporate one of my favorite instruments, the oboe. Both were commissioned by the ACJC Alumni Choir and premiered on YouTube in 2020 & 2021.