SATB A Cappella
Lyrics: C.A. Silvestri
Language: English
Duration: 2:45

Commissioned by Highland Chamber Choir, AUTUMN is the choral version of a track from my SEASONS piano EP. There was something about it that made me reminisce about Vestmarka, the tranquil national park that nearly borders the doorstep of my childhood home in Norway. I asked Tony Silvestri to write the text, based on pictures from the area and my memories of countless hikes through the radiant forest in the fall.

Feel the falling air,
The light becoming golden;
Trees their colors wear,
Deep and all-enfolding.

The autumn leaves embracing;
But soon they all must fall,
The summer green erasing,
To answer winter’s call.

And here once again
Familiar paths I wander;
Through the westmark wend
The living earth I ponder.

Though fading days are colder,
And soon the darkness long,
My spirit-fire grows bolder,
And in my heart a song.

Even when shadows lengthen,
I’m here where I belong.