The Ground

SATB, piano, optional string quartet
Lyrics: Anon.
Language: Latin
Duration: 3:30
Publisher: Walton Music


The Ground is based on a chorale from the last movement of my Sunrise Mass (2008) for choir and string orchestra. The chorale, beginning at Pleni sunt caeli in that movement is the culmination of the Mass, and it’s called The Ground because I wanted to convey a sense of having ‘arrived’ at the end of the Mass; to have reached a kind of peace and grounded strength, after the long journey of the Mass, having gone through so many different emotional landscapes.


I really wanted to make a version that could be performed independent of the Mass and one that was also more accessible in terms of instrumentation.
So, I created a version with a piano & string quartet accompaniment, including a new intro and epilogue that mainly features the piano, with accompaniment from the choir and strings. This is something I like to do these days; sometimes using the choir as accompaniment for the piano, functioning almost as a string orchestra, as a bed of warm and evocative sound. I love the sound of choir and strings doubling each other!