SATB A Cappella
Lyrics: Charles Anthony Silvestri
Language: English
Duration: 3:30

Wintertide is an arrangement of one of my favorite Norwegian folk melodies, with new English lyrics written by Tony Silvestri. A recording is featured on my Winter Songs album (Decca Classics, 2017), performed by the Choir of Royal Holloway.

Link to the album: Winter Songs


Stillness comes when snow is falling,
Cov’ring all in solemn white;
Lines of grey from hearth-fires rising,
Gath’ring all in restful night.

Spirit dwells in deep reflection,
Autumn cares to lay aside,
Finding signs of new direction
In the still of Wintertide.

While outside the cold wind blowing,
Swirling, restless raw and rime,
Here inside a wave is growing,
Biding, silent, all in time.

After Winter’s meditation
Gates of nature burst apart;
Comes the Springtime’s inspiration,
Flowing from the ready heart.